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 [Application Form]

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PostSubject: [Application Form]   [Application Form] I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 04, 2010 10:19 pm

Syndicate application form. Please fill it out as accurately as possible, and we'll get back to you soon. ^^ Goodluck on getting into the family.

Basic Questions
Your name:
Your Aika Online forum name:

State / Province:
Time Zone:

Your in-game name:
Your class:
Your current level:
Any references:

Short Answer Questions

Past MMO experience:
Past Guilds:

How much time can you play in a given week:
Do you have, and use, a microphone:

Will you put in the time for team PvP practice:
Do you have any issues with PKing people (As in people of your own nation. Not other nations.):

Long Answer Questions
(I want a good answer here people.)
Let us know why you think you should be a part of Syndicate:

Goodluck everyone on getting in. We will look and review all the applications. <3 Thank you for your time!

Life is like a rainbow, you need the Raiine, to make the colors appear.[center][Application Form] Leafrainbow-1
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[Application Form]
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